Sunday, 6/19/2016
Piana (PG)

In conjunction with the Festival of Eating Well – Stramaialata, there is the 5 th edition of the wonderful Auto Rally and Moto d’Epoca “Circuit of Three Lakes”, with a fascinating journey.

Reservations are recommended at the following numbers: 335.59.68.409 – 338.17.00.129 – 335.59.68.410


09:00 am: Welcoming of participants, registration, lunch and delivery gadgets booking
10:30: Registration and departure closure for the tour of about 45 km
10:40 hours: Departure with a visit to a cultural site, gastronomic and energy

The organization will be provided with rescue wagon and van service

11:00 hours: Arrival and visit the cultural site, refreshments and Grouping
12:15: Departure to Piana
12:45 hours: Arrival in Piana, party area, where it will be open to the dining room and the chance to admire the bike and the civilian and military vehicles
13:10 pm: Award ceremony
Prizes will be awarded:
AUTO, MOTO, the LAMBRETTA, the VESTA and DRIVER who will wear the most authentic clothing a year and reported to the type of vehicle and to have covered the entire tour.

The awards will be made by evaluating the historicity of the various models, age, preservation and conditions, at the discretion of the jury already preconceived.

LUNCH (€ 18)
– Starter
– Pici al Ragù (with meat sauce)
– Grilled meat
– Outline
– Tozzetti with Vin Santo
– Water and Wine

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